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Kindly keep in mind that Syllabusupsc.com is a non-profit organization. We are not receiving any funds from any source. Either it is from advertisement or direct purchase. We are using totally NCERT syllabus to make it easier for UPSC preparation. Our motive is to provide free education to everyone who has shortage of money. We are putting our 100% efforts to help students in doing the preparation for UPSC. As you know NCERT books are too much helpful for UPSC preparation. So we are providing all the study material of NCERT.

Here you will get the learning stuff from 6th to 12th and some other like: ‘Ecology and Environment‘. In Ecology and Environment you will get most of the things which will help you a lot in IAS preparation.

Here so many class wise subjects you can find like: History, Geography, Political Science, Science, English, Hindi, Maths, Physics, Chemestry, and Science etc.

And some other contents which are much helpful for your UPSC preparation like: Ecology and Environment

If you are a student of a school and not doing any preparation than also our website can be helpful for you.

If you are not doing any preparation than also you can take benefit of our website. Because as you know we are providing NCERT stuff. NCERT books having much knowledge than others. It will help you understand the things and in local conversation.

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