Food Chain

  • The ecosystems is characterized by the energy flow and the circulation of material through its members. The different Detritus food chains is:-Organic waste matter exudes→Fungi, Protozoa, Algae→Insects, Mites, Crustacean, Centipede→Mollusca,  Rotifers, Annelids, Worms, Nematode→Some Aquatic Vertebrates→ Land vertebrates
    organisms or an ecosystem are linked together by their nutritional requirements. Individual related in this manner constitute a food chain.
  • Food chain is an order or sequence of different sequence of different organisms which are  arranged in a way that the food is passed from one type of organism to other organisms such that the organisms of one order or trophic level are the food of the organisms of next order.
  • Types of food chains: The food chains are of two types, namely:
      1. Grazing Food Chain: This food chain starts form plants, goes through herbivores and ends in carnivores.Plant→Herbivores→Primary Carnivores → Sec. Carnivores.
        This type of food chain depends on the autotrophs which capture the energy from solar radiation. A few chains are given below:
        The grazing food chain is further divided into two types, namely: (a) Predator (b)Parasitic.
      2. Detritus food chain: It starts from dead organic matter and ends in inorganic compounds. There are on the dead bodies on animals and plants. These organisms are called detritivores. The detritivores include algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, insects, millipedes, centipedes, crustanceans, mussels, clams, annelid worms, nematodes, ducks, etc.

Difference between grazing and Detritus food chains

Sr. No.Grazing food chainDetritus food chain
1The chain begins with producers as the first trophic level.The chain begins with detritivores and decomposers as the first trophic level.
2Energy for the food comes from sun.Energy for the food comes from organic remains or detritus.
3Food chain adds energy into the ecosystem.It retrieves food energy from detritus and prevents its wastage.
4The food chain binds up inorganic nutrients.The food chain helps in releasing inorganic nutrients to the cycling pool.
5It account for less energy flow because most organisms die without having been eaten.Detritus food chain can account for more energy flow.
6Cattle grazing in grassland, deer browsing in forest and insects feeding on crops and trees are most common biotic constituents of grazing food chainIn the forest, an example of detritus food chain is: detritus→Soil Bacteria→Earthworms.